Why carefully stored Christmas decoration ensures a merry Christmas

15 Jan 2021

It’s that time again. The end of the year is near, the best month ever! Until you realize that you need to get the Christmas decoration off of the attic. Or up from the basement, that’s where mine are.

We start decorating, yay!

Where did we put everything? Do we still have enough lights? And do they work? Are all decorations still intact? The antique ones too? What color scheme are we doing this year? Shoe boxes full of decoration, with old, torn tissue paper around them, no idea of what is what. You get the idea, I’m lovin’ it already.

So, listen to my advice.

Right after Christmas, there will be a sale. Decorations, lights, you name it. This is the time to take action.
Buy storage boxes, especially for Christmas deco. They can also be used for garlands and lights. Make a box for each color, or a separate box for the hysterical children’s decoration. Make one for all the small stuff to be creative with. Write on the box what’s inside, and you are done! This is a one-off investment and will pay out next year.

And one more small tip.

If you are no longer using the plastic deco from the time your kids were smaller; primary schools and daycares love these kind of donations. The thrift stores can use them too.

So quickly (online) order those bins at the beginning of January, put on a Spotify Christmassong-list one last time, and start packing. You will thank me next year!

How are your Christmas items stored?


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