What to do to clothes with emotional value

22 Dec 2020

That one t-shirt from your first concert. That nice blouse, from your first date. That tie you got from your freshman year sorority. All memories. And therefore difficult to say goodbye to .

You have an attic, or a garage box, a junk room, so plenty of space. Right?

You don’t have to keep your old shirts in your daily wardrobe, you can put them in the attic. Your memories can be stored elsewhere, they don’t have to be stored for daily use. However, your attic or spare room can get very packed, very soon. And if you have to or want to make room, you will also come across the bags with memories.

I see this in my work at a daily basis.

Most memories are in your head, but in some cases also in material matters. Some more than others, but still. The fear is mainly in getting rid of things. As if there is a chance that by saying goodbye to your belongings you also say goodbye to the memories! If you are up for the challenge, you will find out that that’s not the case. What could happen is that room is made for new memories.

If you want to keep clothes with emotion as a memory, treat them as a memory.

Frame that t-shirt, make a birthday garland out of your daughter’s cute clothes that she no longer fits, or come up with something else creative. But a mountain of memories in a plastic bag in the attic? Then I don’t think you are doing justice to your beautiful memories.

Do you also have special clothing with emotional value? What have you done with that now?


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