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I am Esther 

My name is Esther Seignette and I am a Professional Organizer. I help you create order and overview, making room in your home and head. Do you have no idea where to start?

How can I help you?

An organized home

Are you bothered by all your belongings? A full garage? A messy wardrobe? And you have no idea where to start? Then it’s nice to have someone next to you who does know and who can help you. I’d like to help. After a free non-binding intake, I will see what your needs and wishes are, and we will make a plan.


Do you get a lot of mail? Do you lack structure? Or do your children make a lot of artwork? Can’t you find your important documents, or do you still want to make that 2016 photo book? Administration is a broad concept. And structure is everything. I can help you set up a well-functioning, personal system for this. I can also build you an online environment where everything can easily be found. Together we will make a plan that will give you peace of mind.


Are you already dreading packing all your belongings and planning your move? I would be happy to help you with the preparation. I can also provide structure during packing. This gives you a better overview and peace of mind, and the well-known relocation stress is kept to a minimum. Have you already moved and no time to organize? I can help with that too! Let me show you around in the nicest shops for furniture, and let me make your new house feel like a new home.

A nice (home)office

Whether you are at the office or at home, you want a well-equipped desk. There is nothing worse for your focus than a cluttered environment. That is why I help my clients with their home office and business customers with their external offices. Together we will make your workarea, office or storage space as tidy and pleasant for you as possible. Curious about what I can do for you? Call me!


“I thought I could clean up just fine, but when Esther came to help with our overcrowded attic, it turned out that I hadn’t been that effective at all. There was a lot of stuff I no longer knew was there or didn’t really need anymore. Esther not only helps with tidying up, but also helps you to think about your belongings and why you have or keep them. Getting rid of things can be difficult, but Esther carefully guides in that process. At no point there were choices made that we did not support. She also asked regularly whether it was still going in a way that was pleasant for us. Amazing what we could achieve in a few hours! “


“I have already called in Esther’s help twice. We had a small, full and chaotic kitchen. Together with Esther we turned it into a peaceful, logically arranged and well-organized kitchen. When we started renovating, she helped me again. I didn’t know where to start. She helped me store and pack everything in an orderly way and helped me create a small new temporary kitchen somewhere else in the house. The good thing is that Esther doesn’t do it ‘for you’ but really works ‘with you’. I still apply a lot of her tips and tricks! Very happy with her help!”


“Tidying up the garage took a lot more time than I thought! The system of collecting, sorting, selecting/throwing away and finally relocating, worked well for me. Esther is a go-getter, which I really appreciate. She left the choice, whether or not to let go of my belongings, to me. She asked the right questions, in an unbiased way. The things that could go were sorted immediately: waste, give away or sell. That way I am not left with chaos, but it is clear what I should do with the belongings I want to let go of. I had no idea how much I had and now have an overview again, belingings have a logical place to go. That creates peace and space in my head! A cleaning session with Esther is recommended! “

M. Lemberger

“I got to know Esther through my daughter. We have been living in the same house for 39 years and that’s when you collect a lot of stuff. I had to go and tidy up for a while now. Esther came into my life at the right time. She is a wonderful woman. Spontaneous and sparkling. She never judged me and helped me enormously in making choices. She still keeps in touch with me. I would gladly recommend her to start organizing your home.”


“We are not real collectors, but the stuff does creep in over time. From our daughter’s wardrobe to the basement, Esther helped us to create a system in cupboards and stock. What a difference. Instantly we had overview, peace and space. The best part is that it is so easy to keep up with, so no one-off action. Esther does not decide for a moment whether our belongings should stay or go, but she does have a fresh, critical view that regularly leads to new considerations and insights. Therefore whe have cleared out the cellar, which is wonderful, because we have been given a lot of space and overview and we are not missing anything. I can recommend it to everyone!”


“Esther is passionate about tidying up and is result-oriented. She listens, thinks along, shares great ideas and understands where you are in the cleaning process. Also emotionally. Sometimes I found it difficult to part with things even though I haven’t used them for years. She respected my emotions and helped me through this process by asking the right questions and giving tips. She is an organizer that I would recommend to everyone!”

How did I get here?

I used to be an office manager, a profession where you ensure that your colleagues can work under the best circumstances. This has always been the common thread in my career, and it actually still is. With my orderliness and tidiness I managed an entire office, but now as a Professional Organizer I can use these qualities to ensure that my clients can lead their lives in a tidy way. After I finished my course at the NBPO, I was ready to go!

I am also a helpful person. I enjoy helping and supporting. My spontaneity and integrity provide a safe but pleasant environment in which you can be yourself completely.


I calculate my rate per hour. During the free non-binding intake, we determine how much work is needed and I can give an indication of the number of hours I will need. We can agree on a fixed rate for larger projects.


Free non-binding intake

Per hour - €50,-

10 hour package deal - €450,-

3 + 4 =


Do you have a question about my services or do you want to request a free on-binding intake? Please let me know in the way that is most convenient for you!

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